CRASH - Citizens Rebelling Against Speed Humps


Counting down to the demise of speed bumps!


This group survives solely on the good will and generosity of our supporters and organisers.

As such we rarely get any donations (!) however if you would like to buck the trend and give something back to those who give their time and effort to try and improve road conditions, we will be sure to spend it in a way that benefits the group and therefore British drivers.

At the moment we are still at the stage where any contributions will be spent on marketing, for example stickers or search engine marketing. If you wish to provide suggestions as to how you want your contribution spent you can include a note in the paypal payment or if you have anything physical you wish to contribute (we would love a bump measuring device), please fill in our contact form here and we will get back to you.


We also recommend checking out our merchandise page where you can get something tangible for your money ;0) 


Thanks for your generosity.






Citizens Rebelling Against Speed Humps







 "Shouldn't "traffic calming" measures involve easing the flow of traffic?" 


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