CRASH - Citizens Rebelling Against Speed Humps


Counting down to the demise of speed bumps!


Speedbumps are bad for the environment, bad for cars, bad for buildings, and bad for our wallets

(not just the wallets of motorists, but all taxpayers)...


In fact, there is not one single positive thing about speed humps that cannot be achieved in a better way.


Speedbumps discriminate against the owners of lower cars, who drive at walking pace and even get stuck whilst drivers of 4x4s, rental cars and particularly company vans can seemingly go as fast as they like.


We have decided that enough is enough and something must be done to raise awareness of the environmental impact of these noise and smog polluting "sleeping policemen" as well as the other negative points that surround their implementation, including, for example the adverse affect on emergency vehicles response times and structural integrity of surrounding buildings.


If you agree that speed humps are bad, join CRASH to fight against their implementation on British roads >>


If you disagree or if you are still undecided, please take some time to read more about speedbumps here so that you may make up your own mind >>




As seen in Redline.

Hate speedbumps? Do something about it! It's free! 



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Citizens Rebelling Against Speed Humps







 "Shouldn't "traffic calming" measures involve easing the flow of traffic?" 


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