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Counting down to the demise of speed bumps!


The purpose of this page is to show off some images of badly built speed bumps and the damage they cause.

We encourage members to send us images for inclusion in this section. Just drop them into an email to Martin at and we will get them on here in no time.


Thanks go out to Chris for the following images showing an illegal bump that was not only above the legal limit of ten centimetres, but also completely unmarked, causing extensive damage to the oil sump and gearbox of his car. Our condolences go out to you Chris, we hope you manage to recoup your losses - keep us updated.




In fact it happens all the time, this Alfa 155 was also on the receiving end of a cracked sump.


This Alfa 155 cracked it's sump.



In a similar sump smashing speed bump-related accident we received the following pictures from Guy. We hope you can get your rather nice Polo sorted out soon.


Sump smashing Polo


It's important to note that in all of the incidents above, the drivers were not speeding. If the bump is built too tall and your car hits it the wrong way then you have no chance at 10 mph, much less 30.


Check out these images of a bump on Banstead Road in Surrey, the bumps were only about a month old when this was taken and you can see how they have already been taking chunks out of people's cars. We will be heading down there with our special speed bump measuring system (a ruler) and once we prove that they're well over 10 cm we will be sending some letters to the council.


UPDATE: These bumps were deemed unlawful by the local council and have since been replaced with (only slightly) smaller ones. Not the best solution, but at least we had an influence. What strikes us as strange is why they would want to spend taxpayers money in this manner, building unlawful bumps, removing them and then building more. Surely this could be spent on education, health care or fixing those AWFUL potholes?


Banstead Road Speed Bumps in Surrey


This type of bump is particularly damaging as it approaches the underside of the vehicle at a different height to the tyres, making it more likely to bottom out even at very low speeds. Low vehicles cannot straddle this type of bump, often causing them to cross the centre line, whilst vehicles that are higher up do not have to slow down at all, making them not just dangerous, but a complete waste of taxpayers money.





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 "Shouldn't "traffic calming" measures involve easing the flow of traffic?" 


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