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Counting down to the demise of speed bumps!


Speed Bump Information Resources:

First things first - here are The Highways (Traffic Calming) Regulations 1999 No. 1026 (pdf) and the Highways (Road Humps) Regulations 1999 No. 1025 (also a pdf)


Wikipedia definition of a speed bump (it even lists some disadvantages)!


The Association of British Drivers


Bromley Borough Roads Action Group


HM Government "Restoring Civil Liberties" submission


BBC Inside Out


Speed Bumps Cause Lorry to Shed it's Load


Like It Or Lump It - BBC article about Speed Bumps


Noise Abatement Society


BBC News article about Port Talbot


Autotrader Blog About Speedbumps


Coventry Telegraph article


Norwich Evening News Article


Westmorland Gazette Article


The Derby Gripe


Loxlee Loves Engines Blog - Speedbump Article


And since thinking about speed bumps is a bit depressing, here is something more positive about them to cheer you up:


Alternative energy bumps 


According to the designer, "they are speed bumps, but they are not like conventional speed bumps. They don't damage your car or waste petrol when you drive over them - and they have the added advantage that they produce energy free of charge."


Naked streets could be the alternative to the speedbump


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