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Counting down to the demise of speed bumps!


The reason speed bumps (also known as speed humps or sleeping policemen) are put in place is to slow traffic.

That is quite simply their only benefit.


This can also be achieved by chicanes, speed cameras, intelligent bumps or even naked streets and neither of these damage the environment or our cars. Why in this day and age are we increasingly implementing these outdated measures when there are more efficient, more eco-friendly alternatives available?


Here is a list containing the top ten problems with speed bumps:

  1. They are detrimental to the environment, increasing pollution by forcing cars to slow well below the speed limit and then accelerate away.


  2. They increase noise levels where they are implemented. Not just by engine and brake noise from people slowing down and speeding up, but also from trucks and lorries carrying loads that get bounced around.


  3. They cause damage to vehicles, particularly sports cars (even at low speed).


  4. They slow the response times of emergency vehicles.


  5. They cause discomfort and back injury to drivers and passengers. This also includes those travelling on buses who may be walking down aisles or using the stairs, causing them to fall and injure themselves.


  6. They cause vibration when vehicles navigate them and send shockwaves through the ground. This has been proven to damage nearby properties. In fact, the official UK regulations state that they may not be implemented anywhere within 25 metres of bridges, subways or tunnels.


  7. They often divert traffic to alternative residential streets.


  8. They cost drivers money by using more petrol and brake pads in addition to the damage caused to suspension, oil sumps and exhausts etc. This often makes cars more dangerous.


  9. When vehicles drive over them with their lights on, this points the dipped beam up to eye level. This not only causes nearby houses disturbance, but also gives the illusion of the headlights being flashed, dazzling and causing confusion to other motorists and often causing accidents.


  10. They are a substitute for active enforcement, even though they do not even slow down most vehicles

We can think of several other reasons, but ten is a nice round number...

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Citizens Rebelling Against Speed Humps







 "Shouldn't "traffic calming" measures involve easing the flow of traffic?" 


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